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Helbreath Legends is a private server with medium rates for experience:

Experience rate : Medium.
Gold rate : Medium..
Max level 200 and Stats 250..
EK : 3 Per Kill.
Maps Online : Towns, Promiseland, Middleland, Highlands, Abaddon and soon Underworld..
Working and Balance Class of Warriors, and Mages..
Gold is very valuable and useful here..
After level 200, you will receive majestic points upon leveling..

Helbreath Legends has the following fully working:

DKSet is obtain from CH Officer.
Upgrade DK Weapons and Angels with Majestic Points.
Upgrade rare weapons with Xelima Stone till +15 without losing items if fails.
Recall portal pads in mini map selection.
Change Character button in F12, saves times in changing character in same account.
Party Member will now show on Minimap, and Party PING is enable.
Players are able to exchange items up to 8 items one time.
Game Options have a lot of settings for high fps settings. DR / MR / PA is now working on Capes and Boots.

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