Player Commands

Command Who Can Type Description
/who Player Shows who how many players are connected.
/rep+ Player + Rep someone of 1 reputation.
/rep- Player - Rep someone of 1 reputation.
/save Player Saves your character without logging out.
/afk Player Shows your AFK Message.
/setpf Player Set your profile. Do not put your ID and PW inside here.
/tgt Player Target your summon to a player.
/hold Player Hold your summon.
/tooff Player Mute a player's conversation.
/toon Player Unmute a player's conversation.
Ctrl + C Player Buys 500 criticals for 2500 Gold, Max 500 Criticals.
Ctrl + F Player Open Friends List.
F10 Player Open Game Options
Ctrl + P Player Ask for Party.
Ctrl + H Player Open Help List.
F8 Player Open Player Panel
/ban Guild Master Ban ONLINE guild member from guild.
/summonguild Guild Master Summon all ONLINE guild members to Guild Master's position for the cost of 10 majestics.  

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