DR is working fine and correctly. Our new addition is that now MR / DR and PA is now working on Boots and Cape.

We have balanced up the weapons and spells.

MA is calculated accumulative, so MAX is 80%. So having 4 piece of MA21% ( Head, Body, Hauberk, and Leggings ) is more then enough.

PA is calculated per attack, per armor. So for PA its best to have the highest 24% per armor is the best.

Everytime you get hit by physical damage, there is a % of where the damage is being hit, either on Helm, Body, Pants, or Hauberk.

This is the % of it.

The % was edited by me, as its descending from the highest base DR and PA, so its best to have the highest % of PA or DR from Body to Boots.


Weapons upgrade maximum is +15. Special addition is that even if you fail after +4, your items wont be destroyed but you will be depleted of the stones and contributions.

Reputation now works on kloness weapons. Max rep is now 10K, and Kloness Weapons works by see-ing your own rep and opponents rep.

If you have 10K and your enemy have 10K, there will be no added damage, just the kloness base weapon damage. So don't say kloness is not working if you dont know how does kloness really works.

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