Server Information

Helbreath Legends is a private server with medium rates for experience, drops and gold

Helbreath Legends has the following fully working

In addition, Helbreath Legends features the following:

Stats below is a general requirements for spells and weapon. How you want to place other stats is entirely up to you.


  • STR : 130
  • DEX : 100


  • INT : 200
  • MAG : 150

Upcoming Changes

We are working on a bunch of new features and systems such as Shift Items, Guild System, and much more! We will post everything in updates once its done and working.

As we are relatively new to codings as some codings are done by an old friend who shared with us his source files, we will fix bugs as soon as possible if there's any reported.

We will be adding new spells once current spells damage gets balanced, and also new interface and more other updates as we go along.

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